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president obama warns of the danger of default accusing the republicans of putting america's economy at a trace quits no progress being made to unfreeze the paralyzed government. all thirty people involved in a greenpeace protest against all drilling in the oxic sea on charged with piracy we talk to a former leader of the group who believes activists are the plague. and fresh infighting among this sea we're in a position that's all kind of linked to rival groups that seek to hide trying to civil war and push for the formation of an islamic state.
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this is all seen coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the car. rock obama has called on his republican opponents to show some common sense warning that if congress is not able to agree on budget there is a very real risk over national default meanwhile an estimated three hundred at three hundred million dollars are going down the drain every day the government is shut down and sound science has more now from washington d.c. are. getting last night at the white house between president obama and congressional leaders failed to yield any deal to end the government shutdown now in its third day and it's becoming increasingly clear that the president and congressional leaders want to include an increase in the debt limit in the u.s. and a government shutdown as well because the development is the real serious issue here this government shutdown is having effects on our economy the longer it goes on the more effects will have on our economy but failure to raise the debt limit in the u.s.
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still going on and so that's would be absolutely catastrophic. two thousand and eleven when republicans just made the threat of defaulting on our debt we sold the u.s. credit rating downgraded we sold job creation so we saw the economy slow and we saw about a billion dollar hit to the u.s. economy that was just the threat of a deep cold so here we're looking at the very real possibility of a deep cold which many economists think that could be on par with the financial crisis like we saw in two thousand and eight. right now we see between both parties republicans and democrats with this default looming over their heads no closer to a deal they're both digging and we've heard from the democratic side words like republicans are acting like an artist's speaker the house john boehner needs to grow up he needs to act like an adult and from republicans i just want to read this quick quote from a republican congressman who said we're not going to be disrespected so that's where we are today and we have to get something out of this i don't even know what it is yet so we have republicans saying we need to get something out of this
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democrats saying we've given you everything that you're going to get out of this meanwhile the country races towards this default in a few weeks which would be a really a self-inflicted economic recession and release of only the head of the analytical department of delight your bank in washington says global economies are hoping the u.s. will resolve its crisis for everyone sake. we believe that at the very last moment probably but there will be a breakthrough and then agreement will be reached i think there is too much at stake in terms of what the defaults. or for there are delays and reaching the compromise would mean for the american economy so this is the case for the u.s. economy this is the case for the global economy as well as for russia as we've seen before with similar cases in two thousand and eleven. certainly the main
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transmission mechanism is through will prices so pressure on commodities pressure on oil prices would signify essentially pressure on russia's economy and financial markets and then the other channel of course is capital outflows those may intensify further delays in reaching a compromise in the us to a place washington's position as the global economic and political elite are threatened this is certainly something that undermines. the the role of the u.s. and leading the world economy out of its current predicament and going forward of course the hope is that some sort of a working arrangement is worked out in the u.s. so that cases like that in the future are avoided. what your government must now shut down until congress funds or you.
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said she people involved in a greenpeace protest have now been charged with piracy by a quarter of russia's northwestern proved city of more than once they were arrested after attempting to scale an oil rig in the oxic last month in protest over offshore drilling in the region greenpeace lawyers are appealing the decision interesting that there was no. violence involved but authorities say they posed a serious threat to the security of atlanta all despite facing up to fifteen years in prison actually his sister refusing to give testimony and earlier my colleague bill dodd spoke to patrick nor who is a former greenpeace leader and he believes they should have found a better way to convey that message. you can't expect to have people allow you to continue to storm their oil rigs oil rigs are a very serious operation with really big safety issues and you start scaling the
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rig and then people have to come and try to get you off it puts them in danger and so i can certainly understand why they were apprehended and finally towed away from the site the other thing that's quite ironic is greenpeace is using a diesel powered ship to. occupy a loyal rig and so they you would they needed oil to get there if they had sailed there or rode there in a boat maybe it would make more sense i do tend to agree with president putin that they are not pirates it's that it's pretty obvious i think their intentions were not to loot the rig or anything like that but they're still putting people in danger and it is a serious situation but let's just quickly talk about the oil rig itself it is static as opposed to floating offshore platform is it true to say that this is actually a much safer way of extracting oil for the environment it's my understanding that this is the first oil platform that is done zines specifically to withstand ice the intention is to make it
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a safer way of extracting oil but you know when it comes to oil this is a this this is the problem with the greenpeace situation their tactics i know they're not trying to hurt anybody but their policy is ridiculous they live in this dream world we're now they are against fossil fuels they're against hydroelectric energy they are against nuclear energy which between the three of them supply about ninety eight percent of the world's energy and they seem to think that civilization can operate on wind and solar alone these technologies disappear for five days at a time when there's no wind and no sun how do you run factories and schools and hospitals and businesses and homes with this kind of energy so i think it's their policy that should be rejected but on the. concerns justified when it comes to the arctic it is a pristine the last remaining wilderness it is in danger is it not of suffering environmentally by this exploitation the arctic environment is no more fragile than
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the tropical environment or the temperate environment or the environment of england or the environment anywhere else in the world it's just you know mostly ice as most people know which is not alive they talk about how the glaciers are dying and all of this is if these things were alive they're not alive and the world might actually be a better place if there wasn't so much ice greenpeace has become known around the wild for stunts like the one it pulled in the arctic and she's going off looks now a big criticism of the groups tactics this story has all the elements to be able to storm into international headlines like the arctic. russia and armed men in masks but besides the action and the drama it's also full of controversy for instance the same exact it was already targeted by another group of greenpeace activists in august two thousand and twelve but then they did manage to climb onto it and didn't get arrested but later greenpeace itself criticized russia for
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failing to provide the proper security saying the route could become a potential target for terrorists second gaspar is clearly not in operation on like those used by other energy companies working in the arctic like norwegian and also this particular rig is static which means it's standing on the bottom of the sea this technology is widely considered to be much safer than that used in floating offshore platforms so many are raising the question why is all the attention focused on this particular one. fresh clashes have erupted in syria between secular rebels and al-qaeda linked extremists is the latest spate of infighting among the anti assad camp which has seen a rapid rise of radicals and then numbers and western analysts with the total number of rebels at around one hundred thousand they're split into as many as a thousand different groups ten thousand fighters are radical jihadists with links to al qaida up to surge of five thousand others are hard line islamists who share
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many of our kiters views and that leaves the more moderate rebels vastly outnumbered regardless do you ask and its allies have pumped in more than a billion dollars to support the opposition meaning they could essentially be funded funding extremists according to international relations professor mark almond there are large numbers of groups some of them are just local people some of them of radicals from within syria some of them are from our side and there's a constant mixing up of people one group asserts itself may have a bit of money may have a success draw support of it then falls out with other groups after all we're seeing in several places in more of them syria fighting between more radical groups not just between them and secular opposition but also between those who play very good really true jihad is against people or so on to make enough even though they might seem to most outsiders to be fairly severe fundamentalists so there is not just a civil war within a civil war but there are several local civil wars within this conflict in syria
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and i think anybody who thinks that the west can pick and choose who are the good guys and who the bad guys is very naïve. meanwhile international inspectors are pushing on with the mission to rid syria of its stockpiles of chemical weapons last week while calls indoors by a u.n. security council resolution the experts apparently securing the sites where they'll be working for the next nine months but their mission is dangerous just yesterday and kind of rebels killed at least nineteen servicemen on the northern edge of damascus the inspectors goal is to eliminate around one thousand tons of toxic arms with the added challenge of being in a rule so. she's worlds apart oksana boyko discusses the issue with the one high representative for the design meant affairs let's take a listen. do you think it is the sole responsibility of syria is syria the only party that is responsible for making sure that this is our moment initiative is
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ended successful. according to the chemical weapons convention yes it is according to reality and the practicalities we know that it cannot be so there is an effort by other member states to help the effort along and if you look at the security council resolution it's asked the secretary general in consultation with the director general of all p.c. w to make recommendations to the security council by next monday and then the security council will decide on exactly what will be the mandate there are questions that are as yet unanswered. and there was a quick preview that to me would be un high representative phil does nominate at fairs and you can watch the full version involves on race today.
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meanwhile russia's president vladimir putin has invited barack obama to meet and discuss the syrian crisis that it would hold talks in indonesia after this weekend's apec summit and it's a dash ask her things officially it looks like an invitation to a birthday party of law who will be celebrating his sixty first birthday during the apec summit this weekend only on indonesia and then he needed an island of bali but definitely this will not be a regular birthday bash party because barack obama and vladimir putin will obviously be discussing the syrian issue and we've been hearing from the highest level officials both in russia in the united states that the both countries are are now working in cooperation to have the geneva two meeting as soon as possible and obviously this will be just the occasion for the two presidents to talk about this and to talk about whether a meeting the geneva two convention could be organized anytime soon i'd like to remind to our viewers that during the recent g.
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twenty summit in st petersburg unprecedented in the two presidents had no official meetings on their schedule it was something of a cold spell in relations after barack obama even canceled his three summit visit to moscow the president and eventually did manage to meet during the summit but this was an unofficial meeting and they did not find any sort of consensus during that during those talks everyone stayed with their opinions we'll see what happens this time when they will have this opportunity to meet during this apec summit on the by lee island we do know already that the white house has accepted the invitation coming from the russian president's office. now it has nothing to do with gambling but a straight a student setting money online about using the government's fees after the break we'll tell you why the movie spike in contrasts.
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well with a. science technology innovation called the least developed minutes from around russia we've got the future covered. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such. a one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limpet torch relay special coverage on archie.
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i took. this is all she welcomed by russia's foreign minister has demanded a guarantee of safety for diplomats and their families in libya fully wednesday's attack on russia's embassy all members of staff have been evacuated to neighboring tunisia an armed group at times they diplomatic building in revenge for the death of a libyan air force officer who were stunned by a russian woman that attack is such a car a blaze before opening fire on the diplomatic building and tearing down the flag last year the diplomatic mission was also targeted by gunmen for the moscow's these out of the u.n. resolution on syria they have leased commentator and blogger col shero says this attack shows the political reality in the. what we need to be looking at is the
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deteriorating security situation in libya which is a reflection of the overall kind of political bankruptcy and the lack of political momentum for change towards let's say a stable democratic future and this is only one manifestation of a whole sterner range of manifestations of that complete divorce divorce reality between those who supposedly exercise. exercised democratic power and those who have their guns on the streets. you see all sorts of abuses i mean there are. various at derrick's there's the implementation of that all laws there's. oil production so we're looking at a host of problems that is that libya is far from even stepping in the right direction towards a transition and that's what we're constantly produce in incidents like this in the
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absence of any clear political control. and on our side of conceal right now farewell to the queen gandhi an ounce as it no longer has anything to do with the british commonwealth and is leaving for good head online to find out what's motivating the rule is in the tiny african nature. don't take a plane live jacket with you and i believe prince on toilet seat the communist party publishes some guidelines for chinese hard to make is well designed vice from the sixty four page manual is in our website. students in israel can now get easy money by simply praising their government online and clicking the line and the right places youngsters are being offered salaries and even scholarships for furthering official interests and fighting anti semitism on the web but the man behind been
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a ship has come under fire for posting racial comments to various train he was meant to be combative. public opinion against israel is at an all time low the recent wars with gaza and the seemingly never ending occupation have left the country waging a p.r. war this is a very massive wave of these false propaganda and attempts to do the legitimize you know our right to defend ourselves and even our rights relieved. you know as sort of we have to do everything to tell the truth for sixty five years israeli diplomats have struggled in their posts in the modern world they need all the help they can gate into the undergrads the idea is to pay students to tweet pro israeli propaganda leadoff of it has been doing it for a while but as a volunteer it's another way to a student to give back to society even in israel you have a bunch of people
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a few people there foreign affairs minister office. who do social media for their living so it's ok for people to getting salary on this kind of work the new student sales force will share a p.r. commission part of nearly a million dollars and in universities across the country they'll eventually even receive scholarships for waging israel's digital diplomacy but before these new recruits could even start tweeting and liking or hash tag ing it was a p.r. blunder the guy tapped to head the social media advocacy has a way to been put to posture take a look at his facebook page daniel seaman is known for being abrasive to the foreign media but that's not all seamen called palestinian stupid and an expletive laden rant critics pounced taking the opportunity to question the basic ethics of the new approach. so you're basically turning
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a human being into human commercial we are going on as a second your philosophy student who says he won't be signing up he's angry with his government trying to tell him what to think stead of trying to make. a good democracy for instance giving out scholarships for people that will try to make this place a better place and gives out scholarships for people to say that it's a good place i mean if this was such a good place then these people would tell it anyways those in opposition say there will be some major white washing and using students to tweet pro israeli propaganda is part of that i think the prime minister's office is trying to cover up the human rights violations that are happening by paying young folks to be involved i think you'd be better off investing the funds. in education infrastructure and community development that he hasn't done in decades israelis are no stranger to war but at
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the online frontline it's in an interview bill battle to turn public perception of his role from zero to site kindest policy r.t. to level of. the now we start of our world update with the tragedy in the mediterranean at least at night it will be people have been confirmed dead and scores more missing after an overcrowded boat caught fire and capsized near the italian island of lampedusa the vessel was carrying around five hundred african migrants mostly from eritrea the number of confirmed to have lost their lives is expected to rise columns like this are not rare thousands of desperate job seekers try to reach europe by sea on unsafe. in iran and mr geisha is under way into the election das of the head of the elite cyberwarfare unit. marty was reportedly found with a bullet in his heart in a wooded area outside tehran there. as it could have been an assassination but
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a source linked to iran's revolutionary guard says it's too early to say so firing and scientists working on the nation's nuclear program have been murdered sister silence at. first has this clash with riot police in mexico city leaving dozens injured of thousands in march to mark forty five years since the student massacre masked rioters threw fireballs bottles and rocks at police who used tear gas in response that of us three of the killing of scores of students in the city square out of the nineteen sixty eight summer olympics is often marked by law that . people have been killed in northwest pakistan after a suicide bomber a charge the compound of a rival militant chief the pakistan taliban claimed responsibility for the blast militants targeted at the welcome to rise of advancing them after breaking away from the group in two thousand and nine thousand of people have been killed in a decade long insurgency are the time to ban tried to impose islamic law in
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pakistan. europe's top economy is east china is now germany's third largest trading partner and beijing could grant burden special access to its markets leaving the rest of europe trailing far behind it all of a explains. when china wants to speak to the e.u. berlin is the first number beijing calls not brussels germany has the most pivotal role right now to kind of defining and shaping how europe will interact with china coming years at the moment that role is more lone trailblazer than economic shepard's close to fifty percent of e.u. exports to china come from germany trade between the two was worth almost one hundred forty five billion euros last year the to talk of a special relationship i mean it's the very difficult for any country to ignore china at this point it's in europe's interest to make sure that no one gets left
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behind but some of germany's easy partners have been left behind as they're being battered by berlin backed cuts austerity is never a solution to a crisis like this it just made the matters worse and in that context. the german export industry started targeting china as a growing market it's not all plain sailing between germany and china questions have been raised over which side berlin is on in the trade disputes over low cost chinese solar panels flooding the european markets and concerns germany is ignoring china's human rights issues in favor of the sting trade jimmy's car giants have grasped the trade with china with both hands and to sports car manufacturer a porsche is regarded as one of the top three targets for the last seven years we have a ten fold in increase in cars sold in china and right now we have the extension from fifty six horses centers to about one hundred times over the next three years
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we are very happy to have a very broad relationship and customer base in china not only for us i think it's true for all german car industry which is. the leverage for having also local production and for a mass producer the car industry is the driving force behind the german economy twenty eleven figures show this will. three hundred fifty billion will be white twenty percent of total german output that piece of that's coming from trade with china and it's not just that bae is in beijing a queuing up the german luxury items like this chinese companies already establishing more than just a foothold inside european markets. we already sell a lot of parts to europe there's no reason why we shouldn't see more and more chinese made vehicles on the roads of france and germany. despite the lack of buying power of some of the member states germany remains to be you however it
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continues to send more than just glances its trading partner in the east as part of their special relationship peter all of us jamming. up next breaking the satellites and. you know i'm old enough to remember on reruns when gomer pyle used to cry citizen's arrest when he saw something wrong in mayberry and a new law in russia could allow our city average to do the same thing by helping to enforce law in the country this law allows citizens to protect public order by becoming volunteer workers deputy policemen and even foreign peoples militias which will in theory prevent crime or at least allow the police to be informed more
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quickly and accurately of course this like any project which sounds nice on paper is all about the implementation so we'll see how these deputies and militias will work overall i think this won't have much of an effect on crime but it could have a huge impact on non-criminal bad public behavior you know i am not the bravest guy on the planet and it's hard to confront a group of five drunk guys who are just as big as you who are acting like. it's on the street but doing so with ten stone sober militia men buddies could provide a much more convincing argument for the drunkard's this could be a big step forward for democracy when you actually have at least a scrap of power or control over the events in your neighborhood then you are sure feel like people actually have a lot of power and this could be good for the country but that's just my opinion.
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paula and abby martin and this is breaking the sat so qatar is roughly the size of connecticut that the small persian gulf state is emerging as a major player on the world stage in fact it's set to host the twenty twenty two world cup of course an event this size requires an unimaginable amount of building and labor and that's where nepal comes in is in a country of two million people there are currently three hundred forty thousand nepalese migrant workers many of which been assigned to world cup construction but according to several reports released by the guardian the workers face brutal working conditions long hours lack of pay and wretched living quarters and just yesterday it was confirmed that seventy napoli's labors already have.


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